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My Long distance AM Radio

May 14, 2009

The long Distance Radio from Dick Smith has stopped working, well various functions of it aren’t working as they should, the radio won’t power up when plugged into AC electric current and the bass control is causing the radio to lose volume for some reason when turned. I rang Dick Smith to see if I could get the unit fixed and they said that they wouldn’t fix anything with a value below $250.00. Dad thinks he knows a technician who may be able to fix it so I’ve left the project with him, will I ever see the radio again? Well that’s the 40 million dollar question folks but perhaps if I put this in writing publicly? Well it may be a help if you know what I mean .

The model of Long Distance radio I have is still available from Dick Smith Electronics, they want $200.00 for it and if you’re into AM radio listening then I strongly suggest you purchase one of these little beauties as they’re extremely sensitive. For example, I listen to the Voice Of America’s transmitter on 1575KHZ which is in Thailand in the early morning, comes in as clear as a bell.


Continuing House Renovation

May 14, 2009

Today Dad came down and we continued the renovating of the house which has been in progress all year, carpet was laid last week in the lounge and hall so today we laid a plastic mat where one of the computer desks resides in the lounge. The only problem we had was that the mat was bigger than the desk, the part which is supposed to go under the desk is too big so we had to lift a corner of the desk and put the mat under that to accommodate the over sizing, this means that the keyboard tray doesn’t slide as freely as it did because of the slight raise in part of the desk but not to worry as its the best we can do at this time. Had a spare bit of carpet left over from the job last week so that’s being used as a mat at the front door.

dad wanted to know how I’d managed to keep the carpet so clean? Everyone who comes in here has to take off their shoes hence the carpet mat at the front door, I’ve had this place looking like a Mosk on Tuesday and last Saturday .

Work then proceeded into the kitchen where we lifted tiles from the wall – they were peeling off anyway – and glued them back, looks one hell of a lot better now.

Macbook Finds A Good Home

May 12, 2009

so I said good-bye to my 19 month old 2007 model Macbook yesterday, I’ll be getting the new model Macbook in just under 3 weeks so in the meantime I’ll be without one of those truly delightful pieces of instrumentation and I’ll struggle along – though in a less portable frame of mind – with my 2007 Imac and the 2 Trashbox PC’S running here.

My Uncle ended up purchasing my Macbook as he was taking a trip and I advised him against purchasing any of the second-hand pieces of what I have no trouble in terming rubbish from the local computer store, there was a computer they were offering which looked as though it were 8 years old and they wanted $350.00. Now I appreciate that computer shops have to make a living but selling such a machine today is just short of criminal I think for a variety of reasons, the main being that it won’t even run Windows XP properly let alone Windows Twister or any of the other modern-day type junk which Microslop are justly famous for.

My Uncle’s off travelling round Australia with the Macbook and a Telstra wireless modem which gives him access – Australia wide I hope – to the telstra Next G network, the modem I found extremely easy to install, just open the application on the Desktop and away you go, a credit to Telstra for making things very simple to organise.

My Uncle is on the “pre-Paid” plan and I’m told that speed is slower on this than on the “Post-Paid” plans but given all my Uncle wants to do is to watch the Share Market and send Email? Well the speed should be more than enough along with his 150MB data allowance, now doubt I’ll hear all about how he went with this upon his return.

Here’s To The Official Launch Of DAB In Melbourne

May 11, 2009

Okay so here’s to the first official day of DAB in Melbounre and I’m
in no doubt all the Melbourne readers were totally dazled! by the
audio quality that the dab+ standard has to offer, perhaps I should
actually add that they would have been had they been able to get a DAB
+ receiver right? Well now here is your chance to lay your little paws
on your very own, go to Radio Parts and secure yourself either the
Sangean portable or table top DAB+ FM receiver.

I know someone who is totally blind and he chose the portable, he’s
got it working, could be more accessible he tells me but its
accessible enough to use. Apparently the table top model – whilst
boasting more features – is near impossible for a blind person to set but those with sight I’m sure will fully appreciate the bigger display, I believe you can also set the way things are displayed such as the font and so forth.

The portable unit has 1 internal speaker and stereo output through the
headphone sockets, runs on 4 AA batteries.

So what’s on DAB+ in Melbourne? Pretty much all the stations are there
except the ABC Radio National, Local Radio, JJJ and so on which won’t
be available till the end of June, you’ll find all your favourite!
commercial radio services there.

Also take note that at this time stations are not broadcasting at full
power so its possible that reception will be patchy and with a DAB+
receiver you’ll certainly notice, the sound just drops out, no fading,
no static and consequently no warning

The audio from DAB+ is about a second or so behind the standard AM/fM
transmission but that’s to be expected as there’s probably some
buffering going on in the digital set.

The lucky people in Perth have had DAB+ officially up and running for
a week now and Sydney will be the last to officially come on stream.

First For Monday, 11 May 2009

May 11, 2009

Freezing cold here this morning though the sun’s nice.

Just heard from a friend who has bought himself a DAB+ receiver, yep he was able to find one at Radio Parts, a little portable Sangean, Radio parts stock 2 Sangean models, a table top and a portable so take your pick, the portable is about $250.00 and has FM as well as the DAB+ bands. At the moment my friend reports that you can’t go wandering round your house with this receiver expecting good reception because it drops out but we suspect that may be because the stations broadcasting in DAB+ format right now are probably only broadcasting at very low power, I read something about that at and I’m about to go and have a look up there to see if there’s any more information on the subject. If anyone else manages to find a DAB+ receiver anywhere then please let me know, I’ve found a couple on Ebay that look reasonably nice, they’re certainly reasonably priced and they’re multi function units, they have FM, DAB+ and Wi-Fi/land connectivity so you can receive Internet Radio/audio streams, play MP3 audio on them and so on. The big department stores have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to DAB+ it seems despite the fact that Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) advertise DAB+ on their web site.

First for Saturday, 9 May 2009

May 9, 2009

So much for the new update of the VLC Media Player, it keeps crashing when I open a folder full of multiple mp3 files so I’ve submitted a report and hopefully this issue will be addressed in the next VLC update. In the mean while? Well I’ve gone back to a previous version, thanks once again to those brilliant applications on the Mac, Time Machine – the standard Backup utility that comes with Apple’s OS10.5 and Super Duper – The third party application available from which fully compliments the Time Machine application – I was able to get an earlier version of VLC out of the archives you might say .

It seems too that I have the latest build of Skype working for the Mac without too many problems now, it did quite unexpectedly a little earlier on but at least it seems usable now, the software would hardly work at all before, I deleted every reference to Skype I could find on the computer before reinstalling the application once again.

First for Friday, 8 May 2009

May 8, 2009

Well Friday was very quiet and very unsettled weather wise though it was full of events as most days are round here. The damn lock on the front door decided that it wouldn’t work so had to get someone round to get that fixed again.

Discussing various pieces of nice software for the Mac with other people including some nice torrent clients, I think Bit Rocket is one under consideration because its so easy to use. Also worked on my tutorials and upcoming Podcasts on the subject of Amadeus Pro.

I’ve been following up a story which appeared in the media on Monday evening, a Seeing-Eye or Guide Dog – Same thing these days – got its tail jammed in a train door. Several different versions of the story appeared as you’ll see if you search the ABC news site if they still have the stories up there,

Turns out that the media may have got it all wrong, what a surprise! The dog was apparently lying next to the door, the train was so full that neither dog nor master had much room. The door closed on the dogs tail, dog naturally let out a large amount of noise, pulled its tail free and the door closed properly. Passengers on the train pressed the emergency button to alert driver who stopped at the next station, drivers are told to stop at the next safest point. Whatever the truth I’m happy to know that – whilst the dog was probably initially distressed after the experience and master would not have been happy at all – both are in good physical and mental health apparently.

Had Roast Pork for dinner, skipped lunch though I wasn’t worried as I had a late breakfast.

Visitors coming tomorrow.

The First Entry

May 7, 2009

Okay so here’s to the first entry of my blog for Thursday, 7 May 2009 though much has been added to it since the original version of the post.

Went out for lunch today at the Max Hotel in the Centre of Melton, had a nice Porterhouse steak with chips and vegetables washed down by a few glasses of Lemon Squash, my favourite meal – not forgetting the home-maid bread hot bread roles filled with melted butter, cheese and bacon I enjoyed before the main course, didn’t bother with the “Soup Of The Day” – I was in the presence of great company, that of my Aunt Claire who sadly I don’t see often enough. we both hope we’ll meet up again before Christmas but at least we know we’ll meet at Christmas as Aunt Claire is hosting the Christmas festivities this year which are not to be missed – although I’m going on 41 seeing the kids get a buzz out of it is worth while -.. Don’t know why I’m talking about Christmas in May but the way the year is flying by? Well the season will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

Weather wise? Well today the sun has been appearing and disappearing but when its disappeared the wind is cold, I have the feeling we’re going to be in for a really rough Winter this year.

Hello world!

May 5, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!