Continuing House Renovation

Today Dad came down and we continued the renovating of the house which has been in progress all year, carpet was laid last week in the lounge and hall so today we laid a plastic mat where one of the computer desks resides in the lounge. The only problem we had was that the mat was bigger than the desk, the part which is supposed to go under the desk is too big so we had to lift a corner of the desk and put the mat under that to accommodate the over sizing, this means that the keyboard tray doesn’t slide as freely as it did because of the slight raise in part of the desk but not to worry as its the best we can do at this time. Had a spare bit of carpet left over from the job last week so that’s being used as a mat at the front door.

dad wanted to know how I’d managed to keep the carpet so clean? Everyone who comes in here has to take off their shoes hence the carpet mat at the front door, I’ve had this place looking like a Mosk on Tuesday and last Saturday .

Work then proceeded into the kitchen where we lifted tiles from the wall – they were peeling off anyway – and glued them back, looks one hell of a lot better now.


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