My Long distance AM Radio

The long Distance Radio from Dick Smith has stopped working, well various functions of it aren’t working as they should, the radio won’t power up when plugged into AC electric current and the bass control is causing the radio to lose volume for some reason when turned. I rang Dick Smith to see if I could get the unit fixed and they said that they wouldn’t fix anything with a value below $250.00. Dad thinks he knows a technician who may be able to fix it so I’ve left the project with him, will I ever see the radio again? Well that’s the 40 million dollar question folks but perhaps if I put this in writing publicly? Well it may be a help if you know what I mean .

The model of Long Distance radio I have is still available from Dick Smith Electronics, they want $200.00 for it and if you’re into AM radio listening then I strongly suggest you purchase one of these little beauties as they’re extremely sensitive. For example, I listen to the Voice Of America’s transmitter on 1575KHZ which is in Thailand in the early morning, comes in as clear as a bell.


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