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amadeus Pro Tutorial Podcast 01

June 1, 2009

I produced this last week and it can be downloaded from so have a listen or you can go to and download it there.

Amadeus Pro is an excellent Audio Multi Track editor written for the Apple Mac. The first thing the software has going for it is the bargain price of $42.00 (U.S) and this truly is a bargain price since amadeus Pro provides much of the functionality and features you’d expect to find in products which are more than ten times the price, perhaps to underline this point take a look at the Amadeus Pro web site and read some of the comments and reviews that users of the software have posted there.

In Episode 1 of the tutorial I went into the Batch Processor of the software, the Batch Processor does exactly what the title implies, it allows the processing of multiple files. YOu could for example convert 1,000 files from say the FLAC audio format to MP3 whilst having Amadeus Pro normalise the audio of each file, the Batch processor is an extremely powerful afficient and fast tool and you can have multiple processes running at the one time as I demonstrate.

I also go into the menu system of Amadeus Pro and have a poke about looking at various functions and options available to the user there.

I’m still in the planning stages of episode 2 of the tutorial and I’m trying to decide what angle or approach I’ll take with this follow-up, naturally if anyone has any suggestion then please get in touch.