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I’ve renewed my Anti Virus Subscrpition

November 25, 2009

Okay, my F-Secure anti virus/firewall/security software was about to fall into a useless heap because of the pending expiration of the yearly subscription, I had no intention of renewing it as I don’t like the new interface of the 2010 version so back to the drawing board to try out a few possible contenders as a replacement.

I eventually settled upon the “tried and true” eset Smart Security suite available from and note all residents of Australia, you will be redirected to the Australian site of so it may be just one hell of a lot quicker to type in the second url .

I’d like to comment on a few things with this product if I may, the first is the constant whining that I hear from other blind people who go on about Eset Smart Security not being accessible? Its been 2 years since I last used this fotware or rather since I used Eset Anti Virus, at that time Eset Anti Virus was certainly usable by a blind person but I can’t comment on Eset Smart Security, I’m told that the access wasn’t quite as good but I can assure you – whatever the truth – that Eset Smart Security version 4.x is perfectly accessible now, I’m lead to believe that many blind people and others have been seinding constructive feedback to the developers about the interface so we now have a wonderful! and elligant user experience on our screens which enables us to set all fascets of the software whether you be a novice or an advanced user, whether you have no vision whatever and require the assistance of a Screen reading package to voice to you what’s happening or whehter you have razor sharp sight.

For those people – like me – who use a Screen Reader, you’ll need to first open the Eset Smart Security software and press f5, this brings up a “tree view” of Eset Smart Security’s configuration screens, navigate to what you want and change what needs to be changed or set, if you get into a pickle then just press the “defaults” button or if you’re satisfied with your changes click on “ok”. The other thing you’ll need to do if you’re using a Screen Reading package is to use the “custom install” mode from the installer and make sure that “advanced” options are displayed when the Eset Smart Security software is open, a button near the bottom of the screen controls this behavour.

Performance of the software is excellent and the footprint of the software on your system is extremely small. Smart Security takes up little memory and causes no performance degredations on your system which is more than I can say for other anti virus/security packages I’ve tried.

So download the trial and see how you get on, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


So life goes on

November 16, 2009

Not much to report here this time, things are moving on in a steady sort of way and that’s the way I like it.

Setting up a friends computer with Windows 7 and a Screen Reader in the coming week, it will be fun to work out how I’m going to put a demo of the Window-Eyes Screen Reader onto the system but I’m sure I’ll work out a way and I’ve already formulated some plans that may work, the easiest way to do it it seems is to get into the Internet and see if I can launch System Access To Go, that’s a screen reading package that runs from the Internet, that way I can at least get the machine talking to go further? Well we’ll wait and see.

I hope to have one of the new Sangean digital radio units next week, I think its the DP 25 and it sounds very similar to the Roberts Ecologic 4 though I’m told its a bit smaller and is a more updated set, I’ll find out and I hope it won’t be long. I have a funny feeling that now may be an excellent time to purchase a DAB+ set before the touch screen models take over the market, no good to me whatever . I also hope to have an Iphone shortly.

Been going through all the applications on my Imac and applying updates where appropriate, amazing just how many applications have been updated frequently lately and that can only be a good thing I guess.

Cheers for now and if you want further updating then follow my twitter: and listen to the audio ttweets as well as reading the written one’s .

Sound Forge Audio Studio And Goldwave

November 11, 2009

This entry is made up of some email messages I’ve sent to various email lists I’m subscribed to plus additional comments from me.

If you want to hear more about these 2 audio editors for Windows then visit my twitter at and listen to the latest audio tweet I put up there a few minutes ago.

Okay, I’ve been playing with Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9 and Goldwave and here are my notes concerning both and I tackle the hard question first.

Which should you buy? No doubt about the answer to that hard question, save spend the same money whatever you buy but you’re certainly going to get far better value for that $60.00 or so if you purchase Goldwave. Many of the plug-ins Sound Forge Audio Studio requires you to pay extra for are already built-in to Goldwave and we’re not talking say a couple or a few dollars for plug-ins here, we’re talking about plug-ins that are almost worth half the price of the original Sound Forge application! A case in point is the MPG plug-in to allow you to access the audio of these video files, Goldwave uses what Windows Media provides here which makes perfect sense!

Next is the fact that Goldwave is known to be far more accessible than Sound Forge Audio Studio is – even if you’re not running scripts for the software -.

The “Getting started” page of Sound Forge Audio Studio – whilst very welcome! is no substitute for the HTML online manual provided with Goldwave.

If you own a Mac then forget this nonsense and purchase yourself something which blows both Sound Forge Audio Studio and Goldwave right out of the water, I speak here of Amadeus Pro which does everything both Sound Forge and Goldwave do and has the ability to do multi track recording/editing. amadeus Pro is only 3 quarters of the price of the other 2 products so this is an absolute bargain and – in my view -a good enough reason to invest in an Apple Mac for your audio editing, you’ll notice performance gains when editing audio with Amadeus Pro and a Mac which you just don’t get when editing under Windows on a PC.

OS10.6.2 Snow Leopard Update, problems with one machine

November 11, 2009

I’ve been working on this now for 24 hours, I won’t go through all the steps I’ve taken for testing, I’ll just summaries some of what’s happened.

I got a message that the latest 10.6.2 update was available through the “Software Update” application so I downloaded it on both machines through the Software Update application. The upgrade went fine on the Imac – no trouble whatever- but I lost sound on the Macbook and couldn’t get it back no matter what I did, tried to raise and lower volume, tried to manipulate output device in System preferences but no joy was had and of course its an absolute bonus to deal with not being able to see the screen .

So what to do? I restored a backup I’d made of the system and then applied the update again, same problem. I then reinstalled Snow Leopard and transferred my user settings from the backup, applying the update after that, no joy.

After a few hours sleep – I was absolutely exhausted – I went back to work on the project trying different things, one was to download the “Comb Updater” for OS10.6.2, reinstalling Snow Leopard, transferring the user settings from the backup and then applying the “Combo updater”, again no joy.

So now I’ve installed a completely new system and I’ve transferred user settings from the Imac using the Migration Utility, so far so good.

I’ve had a few messages from people, they suspect that there may be a problem in one of the preference files, this sounds about right so I’ll keep the backup files and do some further experimenting over the next few days but no more please! for at least a couple of days, I’m sick to death of installing and reinstalling at this particular point in time .

The Week that was, saturday 7 November 2009

November 6, 2009

Okay so no excuses, I’ve been lax and not made any entry’s here for a while so I hope this one will make a mends? Its only a summary of course as I can’t even remember much about what I did yesterday let alone over the past 7.

Been looking at and trying out various software titles this week and one I’m particularly excited about is Multiquence from Its a nice little multi track audio/video mixer/sequencer which – for the most part – is quite accessible and is certainly good value for money at under $40.00. I’ve struck a few snags but nothing I’m sure I won’t overcome and – given its written by the same people who write Goldwave – then I think that any accessibility issues that show up will be fixed without too much fuss.