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Hi and I hope you all had a Very Merry Little Christmas.

December 28, 2009


As for me? well Christmas day was brilliant, has been for the last 2 years because of the perfect weather surely! The little one’s have grown a lot and I have to admire the little outlaws, gang leaders, robbers and pirates <smile>, old habits die very hard it would seem.


My Christmas present to me was of course my Iphone, I think I’ve had that for 4 weeks now and I’m learning something new every day on the instrument, played more with OOtunes today and I’ve now got the operation of that near to a fine art.


Okay, I’ll eave it here for now, not feeling the best so back to bed I think for a little while and incidentally, if this entry looks different fro mthe previous one’s? Well it is being edited in a different application, Windows Live Writer and no! that’s not available for the Mac as far as I know.


Plenty to talk about in future posts including some very nice and cheap applications for your computer and your Iphones, your Ipods and so on so what I really need to know now is what you can’t do with an Iphone <smile>.




I’ve had my Iphone for just over a Week

December 16, 2009

I received my Iphone last Tuesday morning. There has been a lot of excited discussion about the Iphone 3GS so has that discussion been all worthwhile and has it all meant anything? Too damn right it has!

Now I’ve seen many and varied gadgets in my time but so if I said to you that the Iphone was the “Most Incredible device I’d ever come across” then I’d be making a huge and sweeping statement however this statement would hold true for the Iphone nevertheless.

I was never sure that a person with no vision would be able to access a touch screen, I wasn’t against it happening but I just couldn’t work out how a person with limited vision could navigate one, the Iphone’s approach to this problem has answered my questions and any possible doubts I may have had.

I won’t use this blog post to go on about how the navigation of the Iphone’s touch screen works for those who need voice, the topic is very well covered in various Iphone demos, Guides, Tours and Tutorials, some of which can be found at

So what am I doing with my Iphone apart from making calls? Well, whatever I feel like doing with it , I installed the “Airfoil Speakers” application so I can now stream audio from other computers across the network to Iphone. I use the “Weather” app all the time. Email is a joy to read on the Iphone thanks to the “Mail” app. I’m still getting used to the onscreen “qwerty” keyboard but I’m getting faster and more accurate at it as the days go by, so much more to learn about and thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions, I prefer that sort of approach rather than some of these self-richess sounding Ipods on the subject where rambling about nothing rather than the subject at hand – that being the Iphone – seems to be the rule.