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A Belated Happy New Year!

January 28, 2010

May you all have a happy 2010!

I suppose one of my resolutions for this year ought to be keeping up with my blog .

This year has started in an interesting fashion, plenty to talk about and summaries.

I had planned to do some radio work on New Years Eve but this plan was disrupted due to a thunderstorm which meant every appliance and device in the home – wherever possible – had to be turned off, not prepared to take the risk you know. In the absence of well laid plans I decided to enjoy the Roast Dinner I had planned for New Years Day just before Midnight, fell asleep half an hour before the stroke of the dawning of 2010.

Its been very quiet here, the usual family problems are rolling along, I won’t go into them now suffice to say that “if anything sounds or seems to complex then it most likely is so keep out of it”. .

I tried Woolworths Home Delivery for shopping for the first time in a while last week, I’ll probably end up doing it again, site was very accessible.

Still playing with the wonderful Iphone, Itunes tells me that I’ve installed 18 applications onto it, more of that some other time.

Air conditioner broke down so I had to spend some money on a replacement, not exactly what I wanted to do as this left a huge dent in my savings however I have a far better model now which functions better than the old one did, has a warrantee which covers more and so on, again I’ll do a separate post on this – so much to do with so little time .. –

So that about sums up 5 weeks and I sincerely hope you all had a great Christmas, seems ages ago now doesn’t it.