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Roberts Ecologic 4 DAB+ Digital Radio

March 19, 2010

Okay, so I finally! purchased a DAB+ receiver on Wednesday with help from Dad . I’m very happy with the results I’ve obtained from the receiver thus far.

I live in Melton, an area 24 miles west of Melbourne so I was concerned about the reception I may get, any concern I had was quickly dispelled as the radio performs well though you have to be a little careful about the placement of the unit and the direction of the aerial, not the sort of set I’d recommend you go walk about the house with even though its a portable unit.

Radio is well constructed and solid.

I like the idea of the line-out socket on the back, handy to connect to my computer for recording or to my Panasonic RXED50 which can act as an amp and better speakers for the radio.

Radio runs on AC mains and 6 d-size batteries, its claimed that the radio will last up to 150 hours on a set of alkaline batteries? Well we’ll wait and see.

The radio was easy to set up, when the unit is powered on scanning for stations starts automatically, takes about 2 minutes.

People wiht a visulal impairment may have a little difficulty putting stations into presets, the procedure of setting the presets is easy enough – just hold down the preset button you want the current channel entered into – but finding the channel you want is an absolute nightmare if you can’t see the screen so here’s a useful tip, get a friend with sight to scroll through all the radio stations for you and write them down. By default you’ll notice that the radio sorts all the stations its found into alphabetical order so if you do decide to do some manual scrolling you’ll at least have an idea of what comes before or after what.

The sightless user can scroll manually to stations without a problem, just a matter of turning the jog dial click-by-click and then pressing the select button, the only real problems with this set are the menu system and the obvious fact that we can’t see the display to find out what the radio stations are sending to their listeners but that’s a minor drawback in my view.

Incredible value at $300.00.