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The Viphone email list

August 24, 2010

I’ve been a member of the Viphone email list for a few days now and there have been some really good discussions about various apps for the Iphone including 2 music apps, one is called Thumbjam and its very accessible according to users of the sofware, can’t remember what the other is called right now. The really great thing about the Iphone is that apps are as cheap as chips. There’s a chat app with multiple interfaces called IM Plus Pro and I like it though at this point in time I cannot work out how you compose a Tweet for example, I’ve posed this question to the Iphone list and perhaps someone will be able to answer. I haven’t ben able to log into my Facebook account as yet and it seems that this problem is quite wide spread.


A saturday Morning and I’m not doing anything important.

August 13, 2010

Well here we are on Saturday, 14 August 2010 and I’m a little annoyed with myself, I should update my blog a little more often than I’m been doing or perhaps some might say a lot more often than I’ve been doing.  Let the truth be told I prefer the immediacy that Twitter offers rather than email or blogs.

Not much of import has taken place, just the usual round of family worries though they seem to have come to an end – at least for the time being at any rate until more are generated <smile>. –

Never seen so much water in my life, we need the rain but why do we have to have it dumped on us in days rather than say weeks or months? At that rate most of what’s fallen will just run away on the ground rather than soak into the ground, the ground is that hard out here.

So what’s happening today? Nothing much but I do know – unless things change – that I’ll be enjoying my what is now traditional fish and chips saturday lunch.  Last Saturday I tried chips in batter and I really like them so I’ll order some this afternoon, I can assure you that they’re not as bad as they sound <smile>.

So whatever you have planned, hope your weekend is good, safe and peaceful.