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Ccrane EP Radio

November 18, 2010

You can find this product at and an audio review at


I ordered one of these as a Christmas Present for myself though if you’re in Australia note that the shipping costs are 2 thirds of the value of the radio, this pushes up the price significantly though if the radio performs well here then the price paid will be worth every cent, the radio sells for $69.00 U.S.


Its an analogue AM/FM radio with good old analogue controls, in other words it has the great old classic tuning dial.


One thing which sets this radio apart from most others is its antenna tuner for the AM band, its well known that most radios are optimised for the centre of the AM band thus stations at or near the centre of the band will get better reception than those at the top or bottom ends, the antenna tuner allows you to tune the antenna thus optimising the radio for best reception to the signal you’re tuned to.  You can connect an external antenna and isolate the built-in aerial with the flick of a switch.


The Previous  cCrane radio models were optimised for voice quality audio, this model has a narrow/wide band filter which – when set to wide band – makes music sound quite reasonable.


I’ll write more about my experiences with this radio when its received which I hope will be just before Christmas.




Further Thoughts On The Zoom H1 Audio Recorder

November 4, 2010

I’ve had the Zoom H1 recorder a week today.


I use it constantly though much of the time its not used as a recorder.  I can plug it into my Yamaha TSX-130 and use it as a card reader.  For example I can copy MP3 files to the Micro SD card in the Zoom H1 from the computer and play them through the Yamaha TSX-130 using the Yamaha’s remote control and so on.


This has made things a lot more convenient around here, if I wanted to play files on he TSX-130 the only way of doing this in the past was to sync them onto the Iphone and play from there.


There’s no reason of course why the Zoom H1 shouldn’t work in this way with the Plextalk PTX1, just haven’t gotten around to trying that yet.



CSIRO uses old TV channels for wireless internet

November 4, 2010

Always interesting to read about how old spectrum space will be used or can be used with new applications.


I only hope I’m alive when the AM broadcast transmitters are all turned off, I can only imagine what an empty AM broadcast band will be like particularly at nighttime but I’m rambling, I found the following article of interest.

CSIRO uses old TV channels for wireless internet: “The CSIRO has invented new wireless internet technology that will give people in remote areas faster broadband by using old analog TV channels.”

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