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January 29, 2011

I received this in the mail on Friday, unfortunately it would appear that the Zoom H1 Audio Recorder accessaries kit cannot be purchased in Australia at this time so I had to go further afield to place my order.


If anyone has a Zoom H1 or is planning to purchase what I believe to be one of the best audio recorders us humans have invented thus far then I’d certainly recommend you purchase the accessaries kit with the recorder, its not expensive and you’ll most likely need all the accessaries the kit comes with which include:

  • Zoom H1 Carry Case
  • USB Lead for connection to an AC power adapter or to a computer.
  • Tripod stand for the recorder.
  • Pole which screws onto the back of the H1, looks as though you’re suppose to use the pole to hold the H1 when recording.
  • Windscreen for the H1 when using the recorder outside
  • AC Adapter


I dont think I’ve missed anything.


The carry case for the recorder is very well made, recorder fits snugly into it.  Case comes with wrist strap and a delcro adjustment should you wish to carry your recorder on a belt.  No holes for input/output sockets, controls of the recorder etc so you’ll have to remove it from the case when recording, makes perfect sense I guess given that you’ll want to mount the recorder on the tripod or the pole.


Windscreen is affective, I find I get better results from the built-in microphones of the H1 with the windscreen fitted all the time.


I like the tripod, very handy though care will need to be taken to unfold all the legs of the tripod to ensure that it doesn’t over balance.


Because I purchased the accessaries kit overseas I got an AC adapter which requires another plug adapter to fit my powerpoint, more nusance than its worth.  Adapters to power the H1 are easy to come by, the power supply for my Apple Iphone does a very good job <smile>.  I would like to see an international AC adapter included as part of the accessaries kit and perhaps some sort of external microphone.  The kit only cost around $30.00 as is and that’s cheap given everything the kit contains so I certainly wouldn’t mind paying a little more for a few extra bits and pieces.






Apple TV, a Vision Splendid

January 8, 2011

I bought the Apple TV device at the end of November this year though its taken me a while to get things working.


Firstly being blind I needed access to the “Voiceover” facility, in a nutshell this facility reads text which appears on the screen and speaks it in a female voice alongside any audio which may be playing through the Apple TV device.


In order to use the Voiceover function one must have the 4.1 or later firmware update and here is where things became rather tricky for me, to get that update which I needed I had to have my Apple TV connected to the Internet and in order to connect to the Internet I found I required sighted assistance to navigate some settings of the Apple TV.


Now some blind people have managed to connect the device to the Internet and have written tutorials on this subject, I followed their instruction for connecting and updating Apple TV but for some reason I just couldn’t get the device to connect here, this problem may have been related to a DHCP server issue I had at the time which has now been rectified.


I managed to get the Apple TV to an Apple retail store, they connected the device to their network, updated the firmware of the Apple TV and turned Voiceover on, from here on things have been a real breeze.


There’s quite a lot to the Apple TV and I’m discovering more as each day goes by so you’re going to see a series of entries in my Blog concerning this device.


So what does the Apple TV look like? A small box about 4 inches square with some connections on the back – a Ethernet 100MBPS port, HDMI port, mini USB port for “Support”, a digital optical audio output and a socket for the power lead.


The Apple TV comes with a very nice remote control, made of brushed alaminium, quite weighty but nice to hold in the hand.


The remote has logical and straight forward controls, the circle of up, down, left and right with an enter key in the middle.  2 buttons below the circle control where you are in the menu system.


What does Apple TV do? An amazing number of things and here’s a few examples of what I’ve been using it for.


  • Using Itunes or Airfoil on your computer you can stream content to your Apple TV and have it played to you.
  • Using Apple TV you can search for and watch Youtube content.
  • The Apple TV will allow you to listen to radio over the internet.
  • Share your Itunes library or music collection from another Network source and have it played on Apple TV.
  • Watch movies in HD and with surround-sound if you have a capable receiver connected to Apple TV.


I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface and I’ll fill you all in on the progress I make in my exploration of Apple TV in subsequent posts of “Apple TV A Vision Splendid”.