CC SW Radio Part 2: The FM Experience

Hello again!


First an apology, I did intend to talk about the clock, alarms and timers of this radio but I haven’t had a chance to try them so those particular topics will have to be set aside for another day.


What I have tried is the FM band, I discussed how good performance was on the Medium and Short Wave bands in my last installment and Fm is very good too!


FM on the CC SW Radio is both sensitive and selective, it will easily distinguish between stations which are 200KHZ apart from each other on the band and I have seen very few radios that do that, I can’t even think of one that I have in my collection with such selectivity except perhaps for the old Sony ICF-2001 which is now a little worse for wear at 31 years of age <smile>.


With FM you can use either the internal whip or an external antenna, for these tests I used the internal whip antenna.


The whip antenna of the CC SW is rather long so for good reception on the FM band one is advised in the CC SW Radio manual to collapse the 2 bottom sections, this gives a length of around 90CM which is about the length of antenna required for the FM broadcast band, works well.


Both RF gain and DX/Local switches are disabled on the FM band which is a pity and a problem if you’re living close to FM transmitters which can cause overloading to radio sets.


The radio will output a stereo FM signal when connected to headphones through the headphones jack or to a line in source connected to the 2 RCA jacks on the side of the radio, line-out level for the radio is rather lower than I expected but not too low as to present any major problems.


To Be Continued.




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