This is part II of a series of articles to do with the Squeezebox Audio system from Logitech, in the first part I discussed the Squeezebox Boom and mentioned various ways one could control this handy – for want of a better description – Internet radio though its far more than that so perhaps let’s just leave it at audio system.

I find myself using the Ipad app called Ipeng HD to control the system as everything you could possibly need here in the way of controls, settings and functions is grouped in a logical and straight forward order. I’m told that a person with vision working on an Ipad can totally rearrange the order of all these controls and so on to suit the users needs.

The first handy control worth nothing in Ipeng HD is the ability to switch between “My Squeezebox” and the “Squeezebox Sender” server software if it exists on a computer connected to your network. “My Squeezebox” is the service your Squeezebox Player connects to on the Internet and this is what you would use if you wanted to use your player independent of your computer. The “Squeezebox Sender” software is the server which can control your Squeezebox players from your computer.

Both these control options have advantages and disadvantages depending on what you want to do, for example if you want to stream your music collection to your squeezebox player then you’re probably better off using the “Squeezebox Sender” software on your computer, this software detects music on your system including Itunes libraries.

Ipeng HD will usually detect if the “Squeezebox Sender” software is running on a computer connected to your network and the name of the computer with the software will appear on the screen.

When connected to the sender software the user sees additional options such as “Music Folder”, “Playlists” and so on, you can navigate these and select according to your preference.

All the usual other goodies are there like “Favorites”, “Radio”, “My Apps” and so forth as you’d see if you used the “My Squeezebox” option.

The only way to stream music from “My Squeezebox” is to use an app called “MP3 Tunes” but to my knowledge the MP3 Tunes facility is not accessible which is a great shame.

You can find Ipeng HD in the Itunes store, you’ll also find Ipeng, that’s the baby Brother. Ipeng runs on the Iphone.

There is a Squeezebox controller app for the Iphone/Ipad which allows remote control of your Squeezebox players from your account on the “MY Squeezebox” server.

In part III I’ll look at how you can control your Squeezebox Audio system from your “My Squeezebox” account using a web interface from your favorite web browser such as Safari for Mac and Firefox for Windows, you can obviously control the system from anywhere with an Internet connection.


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