cc radio ii, making the weak signals strong!

Hello again!


I’ve had a CC Radio II  for nearly as long as the CC SW, — CC Stands for CCrane Company -.


I can say much about this radio and I will do in future posts however I’d like to focus on a key point of this radio and that’s sensitivity.


Yep, the set is very sensitive – too much so for the area I live in where a 50KW transmitter 10 mile away interferes with the set so its a pity the radio doesn’t have some sort of RF gain or antenna tuner but that aside the radio is still quite usable.


I like the computer control which optimises the signal when tuned.  For example I tuned to a weak distant station in Tasmania, I could barely hear the audio but once I’d tuned to the frequency of the station the radio took over, in less than 10 seconds the signal was optimised  and I could hear the audio extremely clearly.  The radio won’t perform miracles, that is to say that signals of weak distance stations cannot be turned into the booming strength of a local transmission but at least they can be made audible or at least the set can try to do its best.


I live in Australia and for those in my country who wish to order this set please bare in mind that the CC Radio II  is made for the American market so the set steps up and down the AM broadcast band in 10KHZ steps rather than 9KHZ which is the world wide standard – trust the U.S. to be out of step with the rest of us.  The way round this problem is to use the tuning knob on the side of the radio which steps in 1KHZ so you’re affectively “fine tuning” your radio, you’ll also have to be pretty good at your frequency calculations.


So what’s different about the CC Radio II over the previous CC Radio models? Improved sensitivity obviously and the replacement of the U.S. Analogue TV band with the 2M Amateur Radio band, very handy for emergency situations when you may need to keep abreast of developments as Amateur Radio operators are usually the first on the seen passing on vital information to others.


You can find out more about the CC Radio II here.


More about the CC Radio II and its features coming up in future posts.




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