The below is part of an email I sent to an email list dealing with matters concerning technology.



Meant to write about my new television a couple of weeks ago.

I wanted a new television for my lunge and with LCD TV’s becoming so cheap these days I decided that the time was right to take the plunge.

Now I’m not going to go into the technical details about my TV suffice to say that those with vision who come to my house on our Movie nights are sufficiently impressed to stay in order that they watch the whole movie so it must be pretty good visually <smile>.

Its nothing to flash, just a 19 inch – 47CM – in size but built-in audio given the sets size is quite remarkable.

I have a toslink digital cable linking the set to my surround-sound and a HDMI cable linking the Apple TV to the set, there are other connections at the back but the manual is extremely graphical so its going to take me a while to find out what all do but I do know that the USB socket allows the connection of a memory stick or hard drive for the recording and playback of video and I’ve got as far as trying this facility with the television.

So why did I choose Samsung? Main reason being that Samsung television consistently get good reviews in the technology columns over here.  I also bought the Samsung because as the set was far more accessible than others around and I’m not exaggerating this point either.

Take a similar set from G, whilst it may boast more features than the Samsung it was next to useless for me.  Firstly it had a touch control panel on the front of the set and worst of all, the remote control was a touch screen so a total waste of time.

The Samsung does indeed have touch buttons on the front control panel however they have ridges around them and require some pressure before they are activated.

The remote controller for the Samsung is your typical rubber membrane type remote controller however it does have some nice touches which make the buttons clearly identifiable.

For example the on/off button is marked by a unique series of raised dots not unlike Braille dots, the volume up and down marked with a completely different set of dots and channel up an down is marked in a similar way.

Then the buttons themselves are nice and large so they’re easily distinguishable from each other, you only have to touch a button on the controller to know where you are in relation to all the other buttons.

Yep, controller is large but this is due mainly to the size of the buttons, they’re big and well spaced and – in my opinion – very well laid out, for example the most important controls such as the numeric keypad, up/down controls, power and source control are right at the top whereas the les important of the controls such as play, stop, pause and so on are at the bottom with their unique shape thus their unique identification.

Only one thing annoyed me about this purchase, the space in my TV cabinet can fit a far bigger set and given the price of a bigger set? Well perhaps I should have saved a little longer but not to worry, I’ll eventually buy a bigger one and put the existing Samsung into my den where it will fit perfectly and yep! I’ll buy the bigger Samsung given my thoughts above.


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