I recently purchased 2 Sangean tabletop AM/FM radios and I will outline the differences between the 2 in a future post. I’ve delayed writing about these sets for some time as I intend to get another Tabletop set in the near future which I wish to put into the mix when I write about these sets, the third set I’ll be getting contains a CD player and has 2 speakers but essentially it is the same design as the other 2 sets I’ll be writing about.

One of these sets has a very nice analogue tuner whilst the other has a digital tuner with a remote control, still working out how to use this set as I’ve only head it a week.

If you’re looking for a great sounding radio then I’d certainly recommend you at least have a look at the Sangean tabletop or mantle radio sets, they’re a world apart in sound quality compared to most portable radio sets on the market today and this difference is noticeable the minute you turn one on and tune to your favorite station, listen to your favorite music source etc.

I have commented on another tabletop set in the past that being the Yamaha TSX-130 clock radio as Yamaha described it at the time on their web site though since the end of last year Yamaha have seen fit to rename these tabletop sets “Desktop Audio Systems”, an accurate description for these brilliant sounding tabletop audio beasts.


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