Shopping with your Iphone/Ipad at Woolworths in Australia

The below is extract of a message I sent to an email list regarding the new Woolworths Supermarket app for iPhone, will work with iPad too!


So you do your grocery shopping every week and you want to be absolutely organised? Then here’s the best app I’ve seen to help you “organise” your shopping and its free!

Note that the Woolworths app is only available in Australia as far as I know.

This app does everything you’d expect a shoppers helper to do and far more.  Firstly, it can locate your nearest store and thus will display the local stores product catalogue and appropriate weekly specials if any, you can then browse all of these and add what you want to your shopping list where you can edit, manipulate by increasing or decreasing the amount of an item or items required, email your list to someone or an address in your contacts list etc.

The app is fully accessible with Voiceover with plenty of help screens and tips available should you find yourself lost in the software.

The app tells in where to find items, for example if you add a kilo of apples to your shopping list of a particular type, the Woolworths app will tell you in what row to look and this is displayed in your shopping list so you can send someone down to the supermarket and they’ll know exactly where to find an item.

Have some products in your pan tree you wish to order again but can’t remember what the label says so you’ve no idea what to search for? No problem, the Woolworths app has an in-built bar code scanner, take the product from the pan tree, scan the bar code and the app will identify the product where upon you can add it to your shopping list.

I see wonderful potential for this app and full marks to the developers for what they’ve achieved with the app thus far, pity you can’t order a delivery but perhaps that will come in the future.

In short 2 words sum up my feelings regarding the Woolworths App, “Most Impressive”.


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