More radio Talk

Back after a rather long absence.


I did promise to talk about 3 Tabletop radio sets from Sangean some time ago and I hereby keep my word and actually go somewhat further.


4 sets to review in all including the new version of the Sangean ATS-909 mid-sized portable shortwave receiver but.. well one thing at a time.


So to the baby of the 3 tabletop receivers from Sangean and we’re talking FM/AM tabletop or mantle radios here.


Nothing special about the WR11 in its controls, just a plain selector knob to select band and power on/off, a volume knob and a large tuning dial which feels very smooth when turned so as you can guess we’re talking good  old fashioned analogue tuning radio here.


The WR11 is in a wooden cabinet with a glossy finish and you know the cabinet is wood instantly! by the sound of the radio, remember those wooden radios that perhaps your Mum or Grand Parents had? This sounds very similar and in fact all the radios var the last I’m going to talk about are all in wooden cabinets.


The WR11 boasts a 3 inch speaker and a bass port at the rear.


Several connections enhance the radio, a stereo headphone out, line out, line in, AM and ext FM antenna jacks.  As well as the AC mains connection you’ll find a DC input jack which will take a range of voltages from 9-14V to power the radio so this makes the set versatile for quite a range of different power environments.


As one would expect this radio is incredibly sensitive and more so because it uses an analogue tuning circuit.  Performance of FM is good particularly on an external antenna.


The radio comes with an external indoor antenna for FM or you can switch to the built-in FM antenna and if you’re looking to receive stations quite some distance away from you then the built-in FM antenna is not recommended.


I paid $200.00 for this radio about 6 months ago but check with your local Sangean dealer as prices have changed.


The next model I’ll be reviewing is the WR2, the slightly bigger Brother to the wr11, similar in looks but very different in functionality.




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