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XLD, a nice little CD Ripper for your Mac

October 11, 2009

Thanks to Gordon and Lynnette Smith from the U.K. for finding this very nice little application and bringing it to my attention.

XLD can be found at

So why use this tool? If you have a huge! CD collection and you want to “rip” it accurately to your computer then XLD is the perfect way to do it if you have a Mac, if you have a Windows PC then use EAC.

What’s wrong with Itunes? Itunes unfortunately does not perform accurate ripping to your computer and this is particularly important if your CD’S contain scratches, a lot do and you won’t know exactly unless you examine them carefully.

You can use XLD to convert from file type to file type, many rippers such as XLD, EAC and Easy CD DA Extractor create “cue/flac” or “Cue/wav” pairs, the “Wav” file is the actuall audio content of the CD whilst the “Cue” file is a set of instructions which tell the ripper or application where tracks start and end as well as providing additional information about the CD. These file pairs can be used by XLD to create tracks of the associated CD in another format, say tracks in MP3, OGG or AAC depending on your personal preferences.

In testing of XLD, I found it to be as good as EAC, only other application that comes anywhere near XLD on the Mac is the Max Ripper but this project is nowhere near as comprehensive as XLD.

XLD uses the “Accurate Rip” database to find information on the offsets for your CD’S so you can be assured that accurate ripping will be carried out.

This application comes from Japan and is free, may the author continue with his good work.