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3G Mobile Broad-Band

October 12, 2009

On saturday I ordered a 3G Mobile modem from Internode, and they go through the Optus mobile network in Australia. Plans seem to be fairly good value for money starting at $14.00 a month for 500MB data allowance, the maximum price is $35.00 for 5GB data allowance per month and this includes both uploads and downloads.

If you sign up for a 2 year contract you get the modem for free and that’s what I did, I got the confirmation email yesterday that my application had been processsed so now all that remains is the modem to arrive and for me to set the whole thing up, should be a great aset for the Macbook, I did think about getting a Phone modem for it – and perhaps I still will – but the 3G modem seems a more practical option and it will be very useful even if the ADSL line goes down – don’t kid yourself, it does happen at the odd time -.

so what if you use your data allowance? You can “top up” your data with a “Top up”, similar to pre-paid I guess but you can’t go over the data allowance so no fear of any nasty excess charges like you get with some providers in Australia.

I’m going to do some tests with the new Node Mobile service, for example I’ll be very interested to see how the service performs with Skype.

I’m please with the coverage I’ve seen thus far, every address I’ve typed into the “Coverage Checker” has had the 3G service accessible so that suits me fine, I can go visit my Mum and still keep in touch with everyone.