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discovering Vijournal

May 8, 2010


I wrote about this excellent piece of software 2 days ago. Since then I’ve been using the application and I purchased it but let me assure you that Vijournal is far more than the old fassioned diary one buys at a news agent where you make your journal out page-by-page day-by-day. You can for example insert audio or video clips for each daily journal entry, I can see excellent uses for this facility in my daily life, suppose I manage to catch up with family members – in some cases that’s no mean feat these days – I can not only write about the happy event that took place on a particular day but I can also capture the event in words and pictures.

Are you a musician? Need to keep track of your composition on a day-by-day basis as it takes shape? No problem! import it into Itunes and insert an “Itunes Marker” into your daily Vojournal as the song changes.

Is your life more complex than one journal? Suppose for example you not only wish to take notes on your personal life for your organisation but you’re also running a research project or you wish to take notes on that special software you’re writing as it evolves? No problem! keep all your Vijournals separate or integrate them all at a later stage.

Want to show your friend over the other side of the world how much progress you’ve made with your project? Then email your friend all or part of any journal your keeping, blog it, print it an so on.

So where does this all stop? I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime – if you’re interested in trying or buying Vijournal then go to and check out their entire software product range.