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VLC Media Player

October 13, 2009

You can find this incredible little piece of software at

VLC may be of particular use to those of you who have migrated from a Windows machine to a Mac and who have collected a lot of MP3 files over an extended period of time.

Its more than likely you would have a lot of .M3U playlists to manage your collection with? VLC will handle these with little modification on your part, the only changes that have to be made are if you’ve been using “nested playlists”, in which case you’ll have to replace the backslash character with a slash character, something which can easily be done with a text editor, this modification refelcts the Mac’s operating system and the way it finds paths.

VLC is available for Windows of coruse though – the last time I checked the software – it wasn’t accessible to those who are blind and who rely on a Screen Reader, in which case use Winamp or Windows Media Player, .M3U playlists are completely compatible with these 2 packages.

So what’s the advantage of VLC over Itunes? Like other products, VLC has advantages and disadvantages over Itunes and the main thing I’ve found thus far with VLC is the ability to handle your playlists straight off which is a huge plus if you’re running a network containing computers running various operating systems, suppose you have Winamp on a Windows machine and VLC on a Mac machine then the playlists are pretty much compatible with each other so they can be shared over your network.

I think that the quality of decoding of MP3 files is far better with VLC than is the case with Itunes and I’m curious to know what MP3 decoder VLC is using? I suspect it uses Mad and you can get this excellent MP3 decoder as a Winamp plug-in for your PC at

VLC handles video files too! and I’m told the quality is far better than you’ll get than with Quicktime, or Winamp though VLC seems – from what I’m told – to be comparable with Windows Media Player, I can’t judge as I can’t see the pic .

There’s a lot to VLC including Podcast management, extra audio/video plug-ins and preferences and a “Discovery” service where you can discover shoutcast radio stations broadcasting on the Net, you can even use VLC to stream media content to other computers or devices on yoru Network.