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CCRane Twin Coil Antenna Part 02

February 16, 2011

As promised here are the results of the second test I did yesterday with the CCrane Twin Coil Antenna system.


In my previous entry on this topic I detailed how I connected the antenna system to a CCrane EP radio, for this test I connected the antenna to a Yamaha RX-v520 surround-sound receiver.


The tuner of this receiver normally uses a loop antenna, quality of tuner is excellent and sensitivity is quite reasonable though I felt sure it could be improved upon with the connection of the CCrane antenna.


For those with sight problems, make sure you know which connections are for antenna and which are for earth.  For the connection of the Yamaha I used the adapter that plugs into the patch cord of the CCrane antenna, One wire is to go to the antenna terminal and the other to earth, if you get these the wrong way round then reception is impaired and you’ll possibly get a lot of interference so mark one wire of the patch cord adapter with some tape or similar and mark one terminal of your tuner the same way.


As I suspected, reception was improved significantly with the antenna connected and after tuning of the antenna to my favourite station had been completed.


So if reception was fair with the standard loop aerial for the Yamaha why did I even bother to test the CCrane Antenna? I wanted to see if I could get rid of a lot of interference which is present in the room with the Yamaha, I’m running a computer, network and associated devices here and the loop aerial for the Yamaha and all the other stuff just don’t get on.  By repositioning the CCrane antenna near the window I was able to reduce interference and noise on the AM band for all stations I tuned to.  This interference is generated by switchmode power supplies etc.


I tried repositioning the loop aerial however this didn’t work as well as the CCrane Antenna did, perhaps because the CCrane Antenna has a shielded cable between tuner and control box and from control box to antenna.


You can find out more about the CCrane Twin Coil Tuneable Antenna at CCrane’s Twin Coil Antenna Page




The Story Of ADSL Down

May 28, 2010


Here’s To The Official Launch Of DAB In Melbourne

May 11, 2009

Okay so here’s to the first official day of DAB in Melbounre and I’m
in no doubt all the Melbourne readers were totally dazled! by the
audio quality that the dab+ standard has to offer, perhaps I should
actually add that they would have been had they been able to get a DAB
+ receiver right? Well now here is your chance to lay your little paws
on your very own, go to Radio Parts and secure yourself either the
Sangean portable or table top DAB+ FM receiver.

I know someone who is totally blind and he chose the portable, he’s
got it working, could be more accessible he tells me but its
accessible enough to use. Apparently the table top model – whilst
boasting more features – is near impossible for a blind person to set but those with sight I’m sure will fully appreciate the bigger display, I believe you can also set the way things are displayed such as the font and so forth.

The portable unit has 1 internal speaker and stereo output through the
headphone sockets, runs on 4 AA batteries.

So what’s on DAB+ in Melbourne? Pretty much all the stations are there
except the ABC Radio National, Local Radio, JJJ and so on which won’t
be available till the end of June, you’ll find all your favourite!
commercial radio services there.

Also take note that at this time stations are not broadcasting at full
power so its possible that reception will be patchy and with a DAB+
receiver you’ll certainly notice, the sound just drops out, no fading,
no static and consequently no warning

The audio from DAB+ is about a second or so behind the standard AM/fM
transmission but that’s to be expected as there’s probably some
buffering going on in the digital set.

The lucky people in Perth have had DAB+ officially up and running for
a week now and Sydney will be the last to officially come on stream.